Friday, April 07, 2006

First Post

I will spare you the introduction. There is no going back to try to come up with something witty and clever to tell you all about my past. Think of it like meeting someone new. If when you met them, they told you all about their entire life history... You would run away. FAST.

The sun is finally coming up. The thought just went through my head that I should prepare to go down soon. Probably down hard since the last couple of days I have been feeling good and on a natural high.

To bed at 10:30pm on Wednesday, up at 3:30AM on Thursday without the alarm. On the bike and out the door. Rolled by the bank at 4:20AM, 53 degrees. There's something wonderful about riding a bike for me that helps so much clear my head. I often have thoughts on life and the things that are troubling me. I'd like to write them down somewhere to keep track, but I've never done it. So, that's what started this.

I ran on Wednesday night. Ran hard, fast. (For me) Needed to release the stress of work and life. I can't keep up, not sure if I want to. So, it was warm outside. Enough so that I could run in shorts. For the first time in a long time, it actually felt good to run. I must be in shape because I actually enjoyed the act of running, not just the euphoric feeling of having gone.

Rode to work then on Thursday. Went to the bike shop to hang out with the bike shop rats last night. I think that's just what might seal the deal on my coming down at some point? Didn't get to bed until almost midnight. Up again at 5:00AM this morning to get some work done. That makes 3 days in a row of only 5 hours of sleep. I am amazed at just how good I feel though?

I do have a raging headache from having too many beers last night at the shop. A good time was had by all. Everyone was in a good mood about being together and working on bikes. We had Marty, Scott, Joe, Dan, Gabe, and me. Early spring and everyone already seems burned out about bike shop. Stands were all full so I was the shop byotch. I helped out with what I could, but basically we all just laughed and talked about bike stuff.

So; sleep deprived, hungover, physically tired from a week of daily exercise, I am feeling good. I think as long as I can squeeze a bit of "for me" activity into a day... I can keep running on "E" Worried a bit though that I might be facing the whole coming down part.

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