Friday, January 26, 2007

Product Review: Louis Garneau XTR Shoe Cover

First Up, the feet.

Got a pair of Louis Garneau shoe covers that looked very promising. My feet suffer the most during inclement weather and I have long searched for something to cover my large feet. I wear a wide shoe, size 47 or 48. That's at the high end of most manufacturers and I have only been able to find one brand of shoe that REALLY fits. So, that's what I ride with. My old SIDI Dominator shoes, well worn, stretched enough to fit a thicker sock in them. I've tried the winter-specific cycling shoes on, but have not been able to find a pair big enough.

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I bought a pair of a cover called their XTR because they looked to be a better solution for warmth than just neoprene. At $45, I was hoping that I wasn't spending my money foolishly.
The bottom uses what felt like a nice thin but strong reinforced rubber material that was pre-cut for the sole of the shoe. Part of the upper is constructed out of some type of super-fleece. My beef with the 100% neoprene is that it just acts as a trap for moisture and sweat. My feet were generally colder with them on than without. So, the new LG looked promising.

The first few rides (including today) with the new LG booties has been very promising. My feet have been warm. 20 degrees this morning and I made it to work without my feet getting painfully cold until the last couple of miles. Formula: 1 pair Smart Wool socks, SIDI shoes, new booties.

The only thing disappointing is that part of the rubber on the sole is almost torn through. 3 rides. Not too impressive in the durability department.

I will continue to search for the perfect winter cycling shoe. If I can find something, I swear, I'd do a lot more winter riding.

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