Friday, April 13, 2007

Smart Versus Dumb

Smart: Throwing on my warm gloves, warm hat, and shoe covers this morning.
Dumb: Thinking I would be comfortable in just two layers of wool jerseys.
Smart: Stopping to adjust my saddle.
Dumb: Effin' with the adjustment on my saddle the other night in the first place.

The good thing is that I think that I am learning. You see, I either have things really right, or I am picky as can be. At some point the other night after having re-assembled the Quickbeam, I looked at it and thought; "boy, the nose on the Brooks saddle looks high." Like a fool, I got out the ol' 6mm allen wrench.

Tuesday I rode to work, to bike shop, and back home from work. Simple enough right. Well, that happens to be 50 miles... Not a huge amount of miles, but still enough to make me at least a tiny bit proud of my accomplishment. After having ridden this number of miles, I resented the fact that I had made the saddle adjustment. It also felt like my saddle was too low.

Last night, I got out the tape measure and re-adjusted the saddle. Up to 765mm in height, nose up. This morning, I wasn't but a couple of miles from the house and I knew the nose wasn't quite right. Stop, nose just a bit lower and we're good to go. Back to where it should be. I can tell because I can spin like mad, not bounce around on the saddle, and not creep forward to the nose of the saddle. Talk about a litmus test for saddle position: 26mph running 42x19 fixed. That works out to be a cadence of something like 145rpm.

Whatever, chilly ride in, hoping for a nice ride home. Took the new Atlantis out for a spin last night and REALLY like the new light. Sweet ride, but that'll be another posting.

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