Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back on the Bike

Writing two completely different entries. I still would like to share or at least record more of my thoughts pertaining to TI. But, this morning... I finally had the opportunity to get back on the bike for my commute to work.

Wow, I must really love to ride my bike. I say this because it just felt SO GOOD to sit on a saddle and pedal. The first thing that I noticed while riding this morning is just how EASY it was to ride. I know that I rolled down the hill and through town to the car after riding in TI, but this morning's pavement felt just SO smooth.

I really kicked back and relaxed and thought a lot this morning while riding. It felt great to ride the bike. On the bad side, I got to work and the security guards no longer will allow bikes in the building. One more check mark against work. I have to carry bags of stuff up to my cube now. Bummer. The only positive side of this is that since they tore down part of the building, they at least moved the bike rack to within the parking ramp, so at least it's covered. It will be interesting to see what happens this summer when more people ride to work. There's very little capacity for bikes now, less than there was before. Last year, I'd often lock my bike to a tree (which has since been cut down) since the racks were often full. In my opinion, a good problem... not enough bike parking! Yeah.

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A Midnight Rider said...

No bikes in the building? I hear that every once in a while and really don't understand the thought behind that. What else to they ban. Baby carriages, wheelchairs?

But it really is nice to riding. People who don't ride can't understand the joy. I wonder if it is some kind of chemical reaction in our brains.

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