Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Training at Altitude

I was hoping that it would rain this morning. They sky had that look about it and I could feel the occasional drop. So, somewhere just before a key intersection, I made the decision to head straight and take the leisure route. My thought process was that most of the route is the off-street bicycle trail. I like riding in the rain, I like the sound the tires make on wet pavement. I was hoping to prolong that experience and take the long route to work.

It never did rain. It felt warm and muggy. I even stopped to change into a tee shirt, only to realize that I don't have anything lighter than the wool I was wearing. I guess that I have not adjusted what I keep packed for the warmer weather. I guess I'm not an optimist, I pack for worse conditions, not better.

Since I donated blood yesterday, I was not really looking forward to my ride this morning. I'm really not a fan of donating blood during my more-active summer months because it just leaves me tired for about a week. I tried to relax this morning on my ride, to slow down, and to breath easier as to not work myself quickly and easily into oxygen debt. So, on my 30 mile route to work, I felt like I was training at altitude.

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