Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stupid Little Things

I laugh at myself sometimes when I do something stupid that I have done it more than once. I sweat a lot when I ride. I find the sweat dripping from my forehead annoying, so occasionally, I will wipe it with my hand. I then move the problem to a wet hand.

I'll wipe my hand on my shorts but my hand will remain wet. Not really wanting a wet hand to grab the handlebars, I find myself with arm nearly fully extended while riding mind you... I find myself blowing a breath of air toward my hand. As if while riding at speed into the wind, the air from my mouth will actually make it to my hand and dry it off.

I laughed audibly today on my ride into work. I did so because I immediately thought of doing the same exact thing on my 90 miler on Saturday.

Speaking of this morning's ride, it was somewhat of a euphoric experience. I had an eye appointment at 7:30AM where I had my eyes dilated. After I wrapped up my appointment, I rode in the rest of the way to work. With eyes dilated, I could hardly see.

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midway cyclist said...

I had my worst dooring ever while riding back from an eye appointment a few years back. I was wearing some disposable dark sunglasses from the eye doctor, but it was still hard to focus on things, and i couldn't really see into the parked cars. I got a minivan door right into my bars, and i went down. No permanent damage, but i took side streets the rest of the way home.

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