Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Careful What You Wish For

My head is spinning and I am struggling to keep up. I'm wondering if I should be more careful when asking for something. I asked for a new job and I got it. I feel like I am working around the clock, but this is my own mental struggle in an effort to keep everyone happy.

So, I continue to ride my bike despite the feelings of exhaustion... Somehow the combination keeps me sane.


mnultraguy said...

I know the feeling. I started a job a few weeks ago and I feel like I am getting 4-5 hours a sleep a night and that includes the weekends. I am riding tomorrow for the first time in a week, so I am happy about that.
Take care!

A Midnight Rider said...

On the bright side. Riding your bike exhausted is a better choice than driving a vehicle in the condition.

Anonymous said...


Nice to meet you on the road earlier today [yesterday?]...

hopefully we can do a proper hang soon.

-Me [Large Fella]

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