Thursday, October 11, 2007

As Good Today As Yesterday Was Bad

How's that work you ask?

I don't know exactly what the combination of mental, physical, and emotional things that come into play or what happens to cause a bad day or good day. Ultimately, I spend way too much of my mental time thinking about that, trying to figure out what it is that makes me happy. No matter how many times I go through this mental exercise, I usually come to the same conclusion... Ignorance is bliss. The less that one thinks, the happier they are. Someday, I will truly have to elaborate on that thought.

Today, I woke up late... I swear that last night I moved the switch on the alarm clock last night to the "on" position. Despite that belief, I managed to oversleep by almost 2 hours. Rather than waking up pissed-off, I tried to have a better outlook on things. Since it was light outside, I took the opportunity to ride my favorite bike.

Yesterday, I felt miserable on my ride in. I couldn't wait for it to be over. Riding home wasn't much better. I wasn't comfortable, I didn't enjoy it.

In contrast and despite the temperature being close to what it was yesterday, I wore fewer clothes and felt warmer. Perhaps it was just a psychological difference between riding in the dark and riding when it was light outside. Perhaps it was the bike?

I think that there are a couple of other (much larger) factors that come into play for me too. Over the last several weeks, I have been making decisions to do a few things for myself that I’ve wanted, and that feels good.

I have suffered through last fall and winter uncomfortable and sometimes miserable riding because I have been too cheep to buy some clothing items that I have wanted. I feel more comfortable now and confident that as the temperatures continue to dip, I will be able to make appropriate adjustments.

Our company has a large promotion in play to raise money for St. Judes Children’s Hospital. All of our restaurant locations are participating as well as those of us in the corporate office. In combination, we hope to raise $500k. It feels good to work for a company that is working so hard genuinely trying to raise money for a charity. Some key people here have pledged matching funds here at the office. Though we are not what I would consider flush with cash, to me I get personal satisfaction from making a personal generous donation. Riding to work today with that check in my bag felt good.

Lastly, my new Lake shoes came in yesterday. More on that later!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should not worry so much about things in life. Just enjoy what you have, or change it.

-d said...

I like the "ignorance is bliss". I've been trying to look at things simply and it works. Don't get too wrapped up in things you can do nothing about and work on what you can do. When I rode to my father's, he said I acted different. He just hadn't hung out with me after a long, mind clearing ride. Good stuff.

On another note, the Lake's are great. I purchased a pair a couple years ago and love them. When it get's really cold, stick a chemical warmer on your sock over your toes. It's like sitting in front of a warm fire. Make sure you seal the bottoms. After you get your cleat placement, take the cleat off and put a piece of duct tape over the holes, then put the cleat back on. You'll have to do this once a year, but it makes them great. I would also suggest - if you have the mountain version - taking out the screws where the spikes go and tape over the holes. The metal screws transfer cold right to your toes. (can you tell I went though all this?)


Reflector Collector said...

I do make my best efforts of living life without worries. That would be a whole 'nother philosophical discussion where I would attempt to somehow reconcile my faith in everything being okay with my seemingly endless thoughts and analysis on what's not quite right. This is something that's troubled me my whole life...

I don't worry, but I do think too much which might give some people that impression that I am not happy or that I "worry too much."

So, I have come up with the idea that people are much better off not thinking or knowing about things. Out of sight, out of mind, or more along the lines of the reoccurring thought: "ignorance is bliss."

I've been doing a much better job of living life according to the principles of the Serenity Prayer

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