Monday, October 29, 2007

Catch Up

Time flies when you are having fun. Okay, maybe not fun. What is it then that just happened... the week is gone, another weekend has come and gone and where the heck am I?

Spent last week riding to and from work, under-prepared for the low to mid 30's for temps in the morning. I'm close to getting the clothing options down for the cooler weather. My bags for work seem to be growing heavier each day. I've got an extra change of clothes packed with for one of these inevitable days when the weather takes a turn for the worse during the day.

Right now, it's still nicer in the afternoon than it is in the morning. So, I wind up carrying lots of extra clothes home. Today made for day #65 in a row. As best I can estimate, I should finish up October as an 800 mile month.

Gotta make it to the Red Cross tomorrow by 5:30 for a blood donation which is almost guaranteed to slow me down for the rest of the week. At least it looks like we are in for a week of nice weather...

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