Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dreams are Free

One of the things that I've always done while riding around is looked at various houses. There are some fine examples of styles and locations that I think about. I entertain the dream of being able to afford to live or have the chance to own different examples. I'm primarily drawn to older homes, generally small/modest homes in neat locations.

One of my "favorites" went up for sale on Friday of last week. I was so excited that I stopped on my bike on the way home to place a call to my brother Paul to get more information.

The good news is that I was totally on top of it. I was interested, so quick to pounce that the listing hadn't even hit the multiple listing service yet. There's no way that I would use any other realtor than my brother as we have on our last three real estate transactions (despite the fact that my wife holds her real estate license.) He is THAT good!

Well, sometimes things are better left as objects of your affection and it's better that they are SO far out of your reach that there is no temptation to try and go for it. A couple of days after initially contacting Paul, he finally sent me a link to the listing.

Click the following URL to see the listing:

Even at half of what they are asking it would be a HUGE stretch for us. I don't know the circumstances of the sale, perhaps an estate sale? The realtor offering the listing should be fired immediately though. For 1.35 million, I would think one might put up more than one grainy photo and offer a better description of just warrants the asking price for what is a modest 3 bedroom home.

Dreams are free.


KM said...

He did a great job for my daughter and her husband.

-d said...

Totally not on the subject, though an investment house would be steller. I rolled 60 miles to my father's house yetserday on the fixie, loaded up as I would be for TI. Just have to again say, "wow. amazing you did it."

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