Friday, October 19, 2007

Fabulous Friday Night

I like Pete am bacheloring it this weekend. Anika took off on Wednesday afternoon with the girls to head to Chicago for the extended weekend. They had big plans of seeing the American Girl Doll (trap.) Besides not really having accumulated any vacation time to take off, there wasn't a lot of interest on my part to do the whole American Girl thing. The rest of the trip sounds like fun and I wish that I were able to go. Oh well... It's quiet around here.

I took off to the grocery store on my bike to pick up a few things... Namely something to eat and coffee. I ran out of coffee yesterday and I really missed having something hot to drink during my ride in to work.

On the way home, it was quiet and dark. I kept having the feeling that from the sound, it was like someone was riding behind me. The leaves would rustle oddly now and then, and there were a couple of rocks kicked up. (Goes to show how much hearing plays a part of the cycling sense.) I kept turning around, but it was dark behind me.

I got home and it turns out that my cable for my lock had come unraveled and was trailing 6 feet behind me. Only one end of it was stuck in my pannier. I thought it was funny.

Made something quick to eat, then proceeded to waste about an hour and 1/2 trying to figure out what was wrong in the network in my home. Friggen' computers! The laptop was not working on the wireless. Both other wired networked PC's were working. I re-booted the cable modem, reset the router. Reset the wireless access point... Still nothing. Plugged a network cable into the laptop and all hell broke loose. WTF? Series of reboots here, reboots there... check Linksys doc, couldn't get to the wireless access point. WTF? Somebody messing with me or what?

Well, turns out the wireless access point is plugged into a hub in our bedroom along with the PC. The PC was fine, but the link light on the hub was not going on/off when the wireless access point was being unplugged/plugged in. Okay, so a quick power cycle on the hub and everything works just fine.... Time wasted, but at least everything around here got a reboot. :)

Worked some, planned out a morning bike ride. Thinking a 70-80 miler... We'll see. Going to meet with Scott from the bike shop. Been a LONG time since I have ridden with anyone. We'll see how things go. At least it is not supposed to rain.

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