Friday, December 21, 2007

Catching Up Again

My new headlight finally arrived from Peter White Thursday and fortunately there was enough time to install it. Picked up one of the new Busch&Müller Lumotec IQ Fly This is a much brighter light than the DLumotec Oval N Plus that I was using. Getting a new light for the bike is like a giving a new kid a flashlight.

It was a nice treat for Friday morning, I was excited to get out of bed and ride. I cannot pretend to provide any true analytical comparision of why I like the new headlight, I just know that I am super impressed with the new light. It comes down to: the light is more focused, even, and seems brighter. 'nuf said. Get one.

Friday’s temperature was downright balmy. I think when I passed by the bank on the way home, the temp showed 34 degrees. I wondered to myself with the great road conditions if riding the Nokians was warranted. I’ve read various accounts of how people use their Nokians for years without much wearing of the studs. I don’t think that I will be so lucky. When I had my bike in the stand to install the new headlight, I noticed what I was surprised to discover wearing of the carbide tips.

It rained late Friday night into Saturday morning, then turned to snow as the temperature dropped. I slept in on Saturday morning. By the time Sunday morning rolled around and I headed out the door for a ride, the temperature had dropped down to 2 degrees. Everything that has accumulated as snow and ice from Saturday created conditions that were prime for studded snow tires.

I met my friend Scott at 7:30 and we rode out and around Minneapolis. The trail conditions were terrible. There were many bike tracks on what would have been slushy trails on Saturday, but had hardened to ice with the colder temperatures. The streets had been plowed, but not really salted so conditions were icy. The Midtown Greenway had not been plowed and at times riding through crusty snow, ice, with ruts was challenging. It started snowing around 9am and we rode until around 10:30am when we stopped for breakfast. I rode home, showered and spent the rest of the weekend through Christmas day taking a much-needed break from riding.

Lots of accumulating snow over the extended weekend too making for a winter-wonderland ride into work today. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and snowed well into the evening. I could hear the plow go down the street this morning while getting bags packed.

I shoveled the driveway and hit the road somewhere around 5:45am at which point it had started snowing again. Plows had cleaned most of the major roads. Some of the residential streets I ride on had not been plowed at all. Conditions were good for the most part, 100% snow or ice covered in many places. I am glad that I was riding with fresh legs.

I discovered a new technique for riding through deep rutted snow covered roads. I have found that it’s best for me to just charge at the snow and keep the speed up. Follow where the bike wants to go and hang on hoping not to hit the ground. By the time I had arrived at work, I was covered with snow. Yippee… sure was a fun ride in!

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