Monday, December 31, 2007

End of the Year

As my time is often absorbed reading through other blogs, I often encounter mileage tallies for the year. Being somewhat of a numbers guy, I envy those of you disciplined enough to keep accurate tabs on riding. For me, I'm only curious to know my own actual numbers after the fact. I have very little desire to ride with a computer on a bike, only resorting to use one for certain events.

This year started out on a practically new Rivendell Quickbeam as many new parts were used to rebuild it once it finally returned from RBW World Headquarters. Link to history of that here. When the build was completed, I mounted a computer on the Quickbeam to help keep track of mileage and "training" in preparation for TransIowa V 3.0. The nature of the TransIowa really required the use of a computer for navigating the course.

It seemed that once TransIowa was completed, I just kept on riding and since it's been much of the same. Ride the Quickbeam, performing basic maintenance only on an as-needed basis. Sometime in early June, I finally paused long enough to remove the computer from the Quickbeam with a little over 2,700 miles. In early July, the old Trek was put together for a touring bike. In doing so, the computer got moved over to it, then back off shortly after RAGBRAI with 3,400 miles.

That Friday before departing for Wisconsin, then RAGBRAI was the last time I drove to work this year. That began my commuting streak for which I hope not to see the end of very soon. Today (provided I make the return trip home today) will be 111 days or 3,300+ miles. So, my mileage for this year is really only an estimate, but I suspect I will be concluding the year with somewhere north of 7,000 miles.

Reflecting on '07, I surprise myself with the fact that I have squeezed in all those hours on a saddle somehow balanced with the fact that I have a very understanding spouse, two young daughters, a full time job, and a part time job.

I don't have any specific plans or mileage records to set looking ahead to '08. I am signed up for TransIowa Version 4. I know I have a much better base this year than I did last year. I know it's early, but I am cautiously optimistic that I will finish TI once again. (I know I will not quit.) That's the current carrot hanging out there to look forward to for now, but I take each day one at a time.

Life is not unlike my propensity to not pay attention to where I am going every day. Pausing now and then to estimate and get bearings straight now and then seems to be enough for me.

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