Monday, December 10, 2007


Balmy 8 degrees this morning.

Not much to add. I was hoping to recharge my personal battery over the weekend, but did not. Woke up sick and tired. Realized on the way to work while digging through my mental inventory trying to find some motivation that I made a miscalculation in the number of consecutive days ridden to and from work. Today becomes day number 98. Starting in on week #21. (If you are wondering how the math works out, there was Labor Day, and two days for Thanksgiving when I did not work.)

I regularly go through some mental roller-coaster trying to find something on the horizon to keep me motivated... Over the weeks, I've looked to some artificial "goal" to keep me going. It really all started back in July with the plan to go all 5 days of the week. Then I was looking forward to 2 weeks, then Labor Day, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving. I had been looking forward to 100 days. Next goal I think I am looking at is maybe 26 weeks.

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