Friday, December 07, 2007

Why I Ride a Uni-Cogger

You might have a hard time seeing it, but under all that snow and ice is a cog that actually still engages the chain. The rest of what you see is an accumulation of crud over 4 days of commuting. Here is another shot:

My bike sits outside at work and I keep it in the garage at home. These pictures were taken when I got home last night. By this morning, some of the snow around the brakes had melted a bit. Much of the other snow has not melted at all this week. The snow around the cog has turned to ice. I'd have to use a tool to get it off.

Despite the accumulation of slop and ice, I can still ride. The rear brake has frozen solid, but I ride "fixed" so it hasn't been necessary to really use it. Besides, I cannot really seem to get going that fast anyway :) I have a feeling that if I were attempting to use a geared bike it would require regular maintenance, something for which I do not have time or energy for.

I am hoping my new headlight will arrive today and to do some maintenance this weekend. I will bring the bike in and let it thaw out, get it lubed up and ready for next week.


mnultraguy said...

I agree about the singe gear. I switched to SS this Summer and now that I am riding in the slop, I am glad I do not have gears!

Me said...

I use multi...

however, I just don't shift from Nov. 1st thru April 21st.

It works good that way.


nickel said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one on a weekly freeze/thaw cycle.

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