Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Slow Turning

Today was one of the harder commutes that I can remember.

We received a light layer of fresh snow throughout the day yesterday and into the “rush hour.” When the normal highways back up, my commute gets a bit more challenging as people take to side-streets in an attempt to avoid the congestion. It seems to be only the impatient and angry drivers that take to the streets which makes me ride like hell in an attempt to get out of the way. By the time I got home, my bike was a snowy mess and I was tired.

This morning I woke up to 5 below zero. Shoveled the driveway and I was off. With the cold temperatures and my bike in cold storage, none of yesterday’s snow accumulation on the bike had melted off. Some rare combination of salt applied to the streets and the snow made for a consistency of snow much like riding through a slippery combination of oatmeal, glue, or sand.

My fenders were packed with snow, tires barely making through the brakes, NO ability to easily roll, even on “clean” pavement. I couldn’t get out of my own way. By the time I arrived at our building, I was COVERED with frost, snow, icicles hanging from my face and I was tired. After removing my panniers, I tried bouncing my bike on the ground a few times in hopes of dislodging some of the accumulated snow. Hoping while parked that some of the accumulated salt will work its way through some more of the snow. (Doubtful)

Yes, I am taking this one day at a time… day 126.5.

Monday – commute – 30
Tuesday – commute – 15 so far

MTD/YTD - 510

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Anonymous said...

I find some vague comfort in learning that I'm not the only one who had a challenging ride this morning. Since the snow yesterday didn't amount to much, I didn't really think about its effect on the morning ride. An inch on the road, however, equals 2 or 3 in the bike "lanes", after the plows come by. And the eastern-most 2 miles or so of the Greenway hadn't yet been plowed. My 40-45 minute commute took almost an hour. Ah, I feel better, thanks :).

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