Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catch Up

Wrapped up Friday evening on the way home from work with a bit of a celebratory long ride home. With warmer temps it felt so good to ride, so good I felt like I could have ridden for hours. It was one of those times when each turn brought an eagerness for more. Time and temperatures eventually got the best of me and I managed a nice 30 mile ride home.

Saturday was even nicer and sunny to boot. Entirely recreational ride tooling around the Twin Cities stopping along the way at a couple of bike shops and for a couple cups of coffee. Don't know exactly how many miles I rode, but don't care. Didn't map it out, but recorded 35. I know it was more, but no desire to try to figure out the route or deal with my impatience with various mapping tools.

Monday morning's commute was wonderful. Foggy and right around freezing. Sloppy and wet, occasional ice. Monday evening I attended a meeting “In our Front Yard: Bike/Walk Streets and Livable Streets as Community Assets”

The concept is “nice.” I can appreciate intelligent design concepts that are at least focused on less car-intensive development efforts. I thought about the ideas as I traversed one suburb, skirted downtown Minneapolis, and into another suburb to get to work.

I’m going to work on my own part of the world. When the weather does turn for the better, I am going to make it my personal crusade to get people to ride to work. My initial plan is to agree to make the contract with the person, scope out a route, agree on a day, then meet them to ride the route together. Who knows if it will work or if I will get anyone to express interest.

Consecutive Days: 152
MTD miles: 695
YTD miles: 1,465


mnultraguy said...

I have tried to do this and have been both successful and not. I am working with the city of MPLS on trying to get a commuting mentor program going.
Good luck!

Paul said...

What a little good weather will do!

What a relief huh!??!

Matt said...

A lot of times, while on my ride to or from work, I will ask myself, 'why doesn't EVERYONE do this!?'

Bike commuting is so awesome, and all it takes is once to get someone hooked.

Good luck on your quest, man. Do let me know if any of your potential 'clients' are in need of a testimonial.

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