Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Friday

I am one of those people… Yup, I brought the order form for Girl Scout cookies to work. Okay, so I wasn't all that bad (I don't think.) I didn't try to guilt my coworkers into buying crap for some fund-raiser. I simply placed the order form somewhere visible and let people choose on their own whether they wanted to buy these over-priced sinful delights. I watched nervously as the number of boxes ordered continued to climb. Last night, my daughter and wife went through the complete order and made a stack of what had to come into the office.

It snowed a bit yesterday afternoon making for a fun ride home. Evidently, we did not accumulate enough to justify the public works departments going out with their plows. The main lane of traffic was clear, but the shoulders were a mess. This morning was strength-training day then.

Scott from the bike shop was kind enough to loan me his Burley cargo trailer. Last night, I carefully packed it with 85 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. This morning I bravely (or stupidly) took off lugging one heavy trailer, full panniers on my Quickbeam, fixed gear style on my trip across the Twin Cities. I mention the part about snow because it meant that I was dragging an extra set of wheels from the trailer through the accumulation of slop and snow.

Hauling a heavy trailer and riding fixed will really teach you to pedal smoothly. If you do not, the whole bike will buck if you get lazy on the pedal-stroke. The momentum of the trailer will push the bike forward with the slightest bit of easing up on the pedals. It was interesting. Took me about an hour and a half to get here today.

It’s been fun to answer all of the questions today… Yes, I really did bring them all into work by bike :)

Happy Friday, have a nice weekend.


-d said...

how about fillin' that trailer full of beer for TI4?

Pete said...

I brought 70 boxes of GS cookies to work this weekend. I took the car.

rigtenzin said...

That's very impressive. You had to plan and suffer to bring those in using your bike.

Reflector Collector said...

What's really the most impressive is the "planning" :)

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