Thursday, March 27, 2008

Preparations Continue

Obsessed with thoughts about TransIowa looming on the horizon? I wonder the answer to that question. For months now some thought has gone through my head daily as TI was some sort of carrot to motivate me to press on. With the actual event date growing closer, I have become increasingly nervous.

As difficult as the TransIowa will be, the preparation and training seems even harder. According to my loosely laid out plan, I have 3 more weekends for long rides. This Saturday is supposed to be a long ride, hopefully in the 100 or more mile range. Right now, the forecast doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Chances of rain and/or snow, mid 20’s in the morning, high of 44, and strong winds out of the south. I find myself trying to get motivated for that.

Loose plans call for next weekend to be another 100+ with my friend Scott who is also doing TI. The weekend after that, I have been looking over maps trying to find a tortuous 200 miler that it sounds like I will have to tackle solo.

While that is the rough plan for the physical and mental preparation, I am also trying to figure out the mechanical and hardware preparations. I had visions of having two bikes prepared: my Quickbeam for crummy weather, my Rivendell custom if it is supposed to be dry. Not sure how well this is really going to work out though.


cornfed said...

Agreed. The mechanical and hardware preparations are hard not knowing if there'll still be snow or not. Dry or wet & mucky?

Last years perfect conditions have me kicking myself for picking 2:1 on 26" wheels as a feasible gearing.

The nerves always seem to creep in the less time we have.

Best of luck

-d said...

to fender or not to fender, that is the question. I'm burnt on plannin' and cyferin'. Just gunna ride my bike, with a freewheel stashed.

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