Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mega Commute

Sometimes I like to try something just to see if I can do it. Sure, it can be stupid or irresponsible at times. But, a good test is an important part of enjoying life.

I have a dentist that happens to have an office in what I consider an extreme southern suburb. Distance from my house approximately 30 miles one way. Of course this is also approximately 30 miles from my office.

Well, the alarm went off at 4am. I left the house at 4:45, rode the 28 miles to reach my appointment at 7am. I then left the dentist’s office at 8:30 and made it the 30 miles to work at 10:30, showered, and got a late start on my day. My evening ride home will only be 15 miles, but completes my commuting triangle.

I am considering a “Ferrari Friday.” A special indulgence on Fridays with the treat of riding something special other than the regular commuter. The regular commuter is in need of service. The sidewall on my front wheel cracked on my long ride last Saturday. I’ve borrowed another Shimano Dynamo hubbed wheel from my wife’s bike, but I am afraid that this will be my second failure of a Shimano Dynamo.


Doug said...

Mega hardcore, that's what you are!

Me said...


That is all.

Oh, sorry...

one more word:



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