Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike Stuff, what else?

There is an art to life that I have not quite mastered. I find myself constantly trying to keep up with yesterday. Time flies...

This week has been Bike to Work Week. The goal is to encourage people to ride a bike to work. My wife was kind and wonderful enough to convince the principal of our kids elementary school to allow the kids to ride their bikes to school this week.
This is a big departure from where we were last year when this little bugger came home with the kids:

Note the last paragraph:

On last Saturday morning, we put together a little safety presentation at the school for the kids. Made sure the kids had helmets that fit, checked over bikes, and made sure that they practiced riding a little bit. We had 17 kids show up, mostly little kids in kindergarten through maybee 2nd grade.

When kids first arrived, it was immediately evident to me the origins of the bicycle derby:

The kids began instinctively circling the parking lot, most of them riding as fast as they could, skidding late into the corners, etc. It was quite entertaining actually. As much as I can tell, we as parents have concerns over letting them loose in traffic, but truly... these kids are fearless!

Monday came, 17 kids rode to school.
Tuesday, 26
Today... 48!

Awesome, totally awesome... We need to encourage more of this!!!


-d said...


Cheers, joy, yelling, WHA-HOOO!

Reflector Collector said...

One thing I failed to mention in the post is that our school consists of approximately 425 students.

That means without any real active promotion by the school, zero classtime discussion, no special facilities, actually NO FACILITIES there are NO bike racks we got over 10% of the kids to ride today.

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