Monday, May 05, 2008

The driverless car.

It was a sunny and pleasant morning for a ride. So much so, I decided to take a more recreational route to work. Being a Monday and having made a weekend trip to load up on food supplies, my bike was loaded down. Full panniers and a Rubbermaid tote full, strapped to the top of my rack. The bike was HEAVY, but it felt SO good to ride.

I made it a point to greet every cyclist I saw with a “hello” or “good morning.” I was in a great mood. For the record, I received approximately a 50% return rate on greetings. The combination of sun, bicycle, and not wanting to actually GO to work, I would have preferred to ride for much longer. Having stretched the route as much as I thought being fair, I experimented with a “legal” route across a section of railroad tracks that parallel a main bicycle trail. Here's a link to a quiet neighborhood connection over the tracks, over 394

Once on Glenwood Ave, I was back on home-commute-turf. Just riding along, when I had a brush with fame. Passed by a car, too close for comfort. I’m very well conditioned to riding within close proximity to traffic, but this “felt” different. I know I wasn’t truly “brushed” but I KNOW I could have easily put a hand out and touched the car. I looked through the back window of the car to see if I could catch eye contact with the driver. (Secretly hoping too that the driver would give me some sort of apologetic look.)

What did I find? No driver, the car was traveling down the road without anyone in the driver’s seat!!!? My amazement was quickly quelled as she sat upright once again. Evidently she must have been digging for something on the passenger side. Glad that I was not riding much more than a couple of inches to the left or I would have severely slowed her progress.

What kind of car, a Saab of course. Which, is another confirmation of my theory on Saabs.

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mnultraguy said...

Damn, that is scary. Glad to hear nothing bad happened

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