Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am Okay with That

When I grew up, I was one of those kids that upon finding something new, would often examine it carefully. If I found any screws, I would take it apart to see if I could determine how it worked. Seldom one to accept things at face value, I can be okay if I grasp concept, but often get frustrated if I do not quite understand how things work.

This morning I had the epiphany that this is not always the case. In the constant quest to understand myself better, I realized the when it comes to literature, art, and music I am very much okay with not understanding any hidden message. These are things that I enjoy very much and have an appreciation for, but never quite cared all that much to understand any deeper meaning.

Case in point the musical group Sigur Ros. They released a new album called “Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust” Um… yeah… Me neither. They are Icelandic and I cannot understand a word they are “singing” but find the sound rich, layered, and intriguing. This being I believe their 5th release. I’d have a hard time identifying songs from one album or the next. I really enjoy the sound. Free song samples are available here:

I’ve always enjoyed music a lot. I've managed to collect hundreds of CD's over the years from an eclectic mix of artists. I have zero musical talent and have no real desire to attempt to produce my own noise. Recently been enjoying: Orchestra Baobab, Sigur Ros, the new Coldplay, Moby, Caribou, and stuck enjoying The Polyphonic Spree. Always looking around for interesting sights, sounds, and other things I don’t understand. I’m okay with that.


Tex69 said...

Me too. Love the ambience of it, the "sonic-ness" of it. It's sort of like new Pink Floyd, at least when PF wasn't being too depressing. And I'm sure SR fans would abhor such a comparison.

Reflector Collector said...

Yes, there's something large about the sound. As far as the lyrics being decipherable, well... I just find them to be just another instrument in this case.

Yes, I catch the Pink Floyd comparison. Rich and dynamic, lots of different sounds happening at the same time... to me, a big picture.

The Polyphonic Spree is similar to me too.

As for music fans, yes, some can be as persnickety as bike people :)

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