Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Dragged my sorry rear out of bed after only giving in to the allure of the “snooze” button once.  I know that the energy to actually get on with the day came from the fact that I could hear a few rain drops hit the leaves on the tree outside the window.

Set off out the door at 5:25 in regular clothing.  Though not raining, I was super excited about the prospect.  Completely dark now in the mornings the lightning made for an exciting show.  Not far at all from the house the rain started falling at a rate where I decided to pull over and put on my Showers Pass rain jacket.

For the remaining balance of my ride (approximately another 14 miles) I was treated to a spectacular light show from the lightning and the joy of getting to ride in a thunderstorm.  There’s something child-like, refreshing, and entertaining about getting to ride in the rain.  I really do love it.  I guess I am one twisted individual?

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bicycletorch said...

Maybe twisted, but not alone. I was disappointed I DIDN'T get to ride in the rain the other morning.

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