Friday, August 01, 2008

Wrapped up July with my lowest number of miles per month all year only 560?  

Much of my month of near silence has been spent contemplating one of the largest decisions of my life.  An opportunity to relocate to probably the most appealing place I have visited working for a company that I have had a relationship with for 7+ years.  An attractive chance to go work for an interesting company, with great people, and in a beautiful part of the country.

We took the family to Vermont to look around as a quasi-mini-vacation in late June.  We visited pretty-much the entire Rutland County area in Vermont looking for the right combination of community and school for our daughters within a bikeable distance from where I would be working.  It wasn't until we were on our way back north to the airport in Burlington that we made a pass at Middlebury.  Even though it was outside my initial "bicycle commutable distance" requirement, my wife and I went back a couple of weeks later on our own to look for a house.  Though we were discouraged with what we found for housing choice, we did find a place to rent.

We spent almost the whole month of July wrapping up home projects with the expectation we might sell the house.  Almost every night's discussion included wondering whether we thought we would move or not.  Looking around, we knew we would both much rather live in a small town.  The community of Middlebury seems to have the right idea in my mind; emphasis on keeping things local and very progressive with education.  With a strong desire to move, an attraction to Middlebury, and a general desire to get the heck out of here... The plan was put into play to move. Once wheels were in motion to move; the emotional reality of our decision put the brakes on.

It's made for a rough month mentally during my favorite time of year to ride a bike.  I like it hot, I like it humid.  Normally, July is the month when I do most of my long rides.  I've missed out on long weekend rides, missed having not done the ride across Iowa.  Having blown a bunch of money on home improvements and travel, the budget calls for some serious cost cutting for next several months.  This is going to mean no 24 Hours of Afton either :(

Oh well... 

July Miles: 560
Year to Date: 5,917


mnultraguy said...

I maybe slow, but are you going or not? If you do, you and your stories will be missed, but it sounds exciting for sure. We loved Vermont when we visited several years ago, but I am not sure I could find much work there.

nickel said...

I can't figure it out either. ;) I know VT is on the list for us as well as NH and ME.

Reflector Collector said...

Okay, okay...


I am not moving. Sticking around thinking that riding my bike and raising my kids around family is the thing to happen right here in MN.

Doug said...

In 2001 when my wife and I thru-hiked all 2,168 miles of the Appalachian Trail I was really looking forward to seeing Vermont. I had fond memories of it from a visit during my teen years. Out of the 14 states we backpacked through, I found the people of Vermont to be the least friendliest of all the states we encountered. It was a beautiful place, but with a New Yorker attitude. We met many tansplanted New Yorkers while in Vermont. As a midesterner all my life, I felt out of place in Vermont.

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