Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Things

Good things happen all of the time.  It sometimes takes a keen eye to spot them and we need to have a mindset willing to look for them.  Other times, they pop right out at you.

I discovered the merits of wearing wool for a cycling garment while on a visit to One On One Bicycle studio several years ago.  I bought a long-sleeve Spot brand jersey on a whim along with some other items.  It wasn't until I returned to my office at the time that I discovered that I had been under-charged for the price of the jersey and made the point to make an extra trip the next day to bring to Jennifer's attention the error and pay the difference.

I should be no secret that Ibex has become one of my very favorite clothing companies.  Ever since discovering them last year, taking a leap of ordering several wool long underwear items.  I was hooked.  Hooked in a big way!  So much so that my spending warranted a conversation from my lovely wife, wondering if we needed to create a separate category in Quicken? One of my favorite garments has been the Ibex Shak I ranked it one of the best cycling purchases of 2007, and with good reason:  To quote: Shak jersey which I have now worn for almost 3 consecutive weeks including a Christmas party and out to dinner last night without washing ;)
The fabric is a thick weight merino wool with a tight weave on a garment made in the USA. A good cut, slightly longer in the rear to work well for cycling, but "stylish" enough to serve as casual wear as well.  Throughout fall and winter of last year, the two Shak jerseys that I purchased served an incredible range of comfort for my winter commuting survival.

Ever since discovering Ibex, I have made it a point of entering in their contest to win a free garment.
Well, sometimes a person gets lucky.  I feel fortunate in a number of ways, but my daughter took a message and I received an email from Keith Anderson, Director of Marketing & Direct Sales for Ibex last week.  I won a free Shak Jersey!  So sweet, the news completely made my day.  In talking to Keith, I shared the timeliness of the good news.  Not wanting to sound ungrateful, I inquired if I could pony up the extra money to "trade up" to the full-zip version.

Since the fall of last year, I've lusted after the full-zip version of the Shak.  Desiring its easier on, easy off, could wear it as more of a nuevo-Mr. Rogers kinda sport-cardigan sort of way.  I've been tempted, but financially incapable of sneaking through the purchase.  No doubts or hesitation about the value; worth every penny.  Just a matter of timing, and one would find its way to me that's for certain.

Well, a package arrived yesterday complete with my new full-zip black Ibex Shak wool top.  Wow... Thank You Ibex.  It's beautiful and I couldn't be happier.  Evenly cut at the bottom, it appears that it will work equally as well for cycling, but serve as even a little more "traditional" cut for casual wear!  Sweet deal indeed.

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