Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birds Fly North for the Summer

The hours of daylight start a few minutes earlier and linger a bit longer each day.  With it, the excitement builds for me a little more.  Not that my interest ever really wanes, but this is the time of year when my interest heightens. I get a bit of an itch for a spring project.  Here we are pushing the end of February and this is certainly a year without exception.

I've been fortunate enough (or my priorities are just screwed up enough) to have put together a stable of amazing bikes.  My closest critic (my wife) might not believe me when I say that I have made an effort to clean up and consolidate the "collection."   I don't like to use the word "collection" when refering to the objects that I've amassed.  Some are just fun, others rideable art, but they're all bikes and I love bikes... I sold off what was once my inclement weather bike as I accepted the fact that I so much enjoyed riding my Quickbeam that I committed it to year-round commuting duty.

I put together the Surly in early December.  It was a bike on "the list" for quite a while.  Down there somewhere lingering was the desire to have a fun singlespeed road bike.  Every bike fanatic knows the justification: "I had this ____________ part, so I had to put a bike together around it."  I had a set of wheels...

I've been riding that Surly as my slow recovery adventure continues.  I tried it on the trainer, and have now moved it to outside duty for the few times I've been trying to get back in the rythm of commuting. Honestly, the bike has little practicle value.  While I can fit a decent width tire and fenders, I had to cobble together the mounts for the fenders.   I could fit my studded tires or studded tires, but not both. There's no provision for a rack.  As a "commuter" it just barely passes...  After only a few commutes under my belt on the Surly, I miss my Quickbeam.

My week dotted with physical therapy appointments, I've been shuttling clothing back and forth to work on the days that I drive.  (An idea that sounds better, than it really works.)  I've been traveling "light" with nothing more than a messenger bag.  I'd much prefer pannniers and to bring what I need with me.

I've got a commuter on order.  In many ways, I wish that it was done by now.  But, it's not and I patiently wait.  I think since its inception, I've followed the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.  Dreaming of the bikes, looking at designs, getting inspiration.  Just as the days begin getting longer, somewhere the birds down south are thinking of thier journey back north, and us crazy bike-nuts stir with the desire for spring riding.

Indianapolis is close enough to entertain a marathon road-trip.  A short week this week and it's off on Friday to fuel my addiction with an in-person visit to the NAHB Show!  Fuel for the fire I'm sure.


Richard (UK) said...

Sounding a lot more positive. And just think, things could have been a lot worse. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

There's only one thing worth road tripping to Indy for...and bikes ain't it my friend.

Doug Farmer said...

Hi Ken,
Long time!
I as well broke my ankle in December, 3 places, plus the assorted ligament and tendon damage. Slipped on the ice at at a scout function in my own front yard. 8 weeks in a cast was no fun. You must have been going nuts. I know what you mean when you get tired of peple asking "How Are You". My usual answer, "Better than yesterday". The Dr. says up to a year to get everything back in shape. Of couse, I am not as active as you are. You will be up and around in half the time.
Take Care

Reflector Collector said...

Hello Doug!

WOW, thanks for the comment, great to hear from you.

Sorry to hear about your injury and glad to learn that you are on the mend.

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