Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lofty Goal?

I really should have my head examined. (Oh, wait... just did that a couple of weeks ago.) It's good to have a goal or something on the horizon to shoot for, but I'm questioning the sanity of picking one so lofty. I see my name made the roster for the 2010 TransIowa, version 6. Now, it is time to begin preparations of 300+ miles of gravel??!

Prior to TransIowa 3, I had done a couple of non-stop 300+ mile rides, but I had no real idea what I was getting into. I think that fear helped me just go. The words from my wife, Anika before leaving: "don't call!" inspired my simple contingency plan. A sealed number 10 envelope, encased in a plastic bag, buried in the bottom of my pannier marked "Plan B." Within that envelope: Iowa Transportation Map for Bicyclists

For TransIowa 4, I think that I actually rode too many miles, too many consecutive days leading right up to the start. I remember getting to Decorah not excited, but already exhausted. The howling wind, grey skies, and cold temperatures were a complete de-motivator. I rode with my friend Scott and we never made the time cutoff for the first checkpoint.

How naive of me in November of 2008 to think that I'd be ready to ride version 5, but I mailed my post card to enter anyway. Heavenly intervention; me thinks. My post card was never received. Physically, there is NO WAY, I would have been able to pull it off... My friend Scott and I volunteered instead, and the experience served both as motivation, but also the harsh reality check. Seeing only a handful of people come through the final checkpoint in various states of physical and mental condition was a good reminder.

To be honest, the fact that my longest ride since my accident in October of 2008 has only been about 85miles scares me. My body hurts in ways it never has before and the motivation to ride is HARD to come by some days. I'm reminded of this each morning when I step out of bed and hobble off to shower in pain. I've got some lofty cycling related goals ahead of me, it's good to have something to shoot for. So, begin preparations because I'm gonna do this... somehow.

Viva la limestone!


Paul said...

And I can't wait to see you at the start and finish!

Ari said...

Ken, If you need anything let me know. andonos63(at)yahoo dot com


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