Monday, April 19, 2010

The Basement Shop

Out of selfish desire, I took a much needed break from sitting in front of a computer working this weekend. Instead, I spent some time playing with bicycles.

I was fortunate enough to have received the call last week that my front rack is done for my new Curt Goodrich bicycle. I made a mid-day errand run to pick it up on Friday and found time enough on Friday night to get it mounted.

Saturday morning I had the opportunity to try out the new configuration on my ride to the chiropractor. I was delighted to have found NO negative effect on handling. The bike tracks predictably and straight as an arrow even while riding no-handed.

Once Saturday mid-day had rolled around, I turned the bicycle over to my two daughters for a little color and pizzazz.
From DasBike

This is one of my favorite features here:
From DasBike
Bikes plus Sun = Happy for sure!

And, a little reminder right up top:
From DasBike

The front rack includes an integrated decaleur custom made to mount my Berthoud handlebar bag. It also includes a mount for my Schmidt eDeluxe headlight. Also shown is a Paul Components Gino Light Mount. I used the light mount on the same bolt holding the rack so that I have a convenient location for my bike computer.
From DasBike

I highly dislike riding with a bike computer and only need it for the upcoming TransIowa bicycle race. The computer is within easy reach; see it when I want to, not because it’s right there on the handlebar. The best part about its location is the fact that the top line displaying speed is obscured by my handlebar bag in my most common riding position. (Exactly what I want, no need for electrical tape.)

The addition of the front fender mount really helped stiffen up the front fender. The Velo Orange fenders still have a bit to be desired in terms of stiffness, but for now they will do.

And, in another note… I picked up a nice used 1992 Trek 790 a couple of weeks ago. On Sunday, I finished up a complete overhaul and gave it new life. It was originally a hybrid with flat bars and grip shift. I gave it a Nitto stem, Rivendell Noodle handlebar, and bar end shifters. The finished product turned out very nice… Sale is pending.
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Joe said...

My uncle converted one of those Treks to drop bars years ago and he's still enjoying it.

Reflector Collector said...

I found reference to the old Trek catalogs and geometry. The frame and fork of the 790 and 520 are identical. It made for a good conversion.

I had a 1993 Trek 520 that is still going strong, it was a great bike.

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