Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Little Change of Pace

We have a company event today and I anticipate riding my bicycle to the event from work, then home. For a period of a couple of hours the bicycle will need to be locked up somewhere. So, for a little change of pace, I rode a different bike that I don't care quite so much about.

Insert crappy iPhone photo here:

Wow, it felt SO great to ride something a little different. Fabulous to be fixed-gear.  So much control, so quiet, at one with machine. I stopped a couple of time to make a couple of minor adjustments.  Short of having some braze-ons, I really like this bike. Ideally, I would have the skills and equipment to take a torch to it to add some braze ons for fenders, a rear rack, fill the hole in the rear brake bridge for a better mount for the fender, and then have it re-powder coated in the same color.

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Tex69 said...

it's great to hear about long-ride adventures from RC. tailwinds and road-induced suffering to you.

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