Monday, April 10, 2006

Riding to With My Eyes Closed

I was awake at 3am. I should have gotten up then. I did watch the alarm click over to 4am and begin to make its awful sound. I was still slow to react. Silenced, I watched the minutes tick by until I finally was motivated enough to get out of bed. Grab the clothes, shower, dress, out the door with only a banana in my tank.

Rolled by the bank, didn't specifically notice the time or temperature. Legs not lively, but still feeling good. It felt so great to ride the Rivendell. It's truly a dream bike to ride.

There's a stretch of open road with good asphalt pavement. When it is quiet in the morning, it's easy to hear the different sound that the tires make when riding on the painted white line compared to just the asphalt. In the dark, I've taken to practicing my riding with my eyes closed trying to pay attention to only the sound to make the slightest change in direction and keep the tires on the white line. What a rush.

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