Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day After my Birthday

I've never really been a big fan of my birthday. Not for any funky reason other than I just don't like the attention. It was a productive day really. I completed a project for work that actually held my interest. When I got home, I picked up the kids at the bus stop with the dog and walked home.

It was nice to see the girls actually greet me and be excited to see me. I think it had more to do with the fact that they both remembered that it was my birthday than anything else. From that aspect, I guess that it was good that it was my birthday.

Anika was extremely clever with her approach to giving me a gift. I've always wanted a Schmidt Dynamo front hub for my bicycles. Clever little replacement hub that generates enough electricity to power a headlight for a bicycle. There are several options on which hub and light to get which left Anika puzzled which one to get. So, puzzle and play on words she did.

First there was the card. A Napoleon Dynamite card. Inside the Schmitt Music bag was a pack of Hubbba Bubba gum. So, put that all together and it's Schmidt Dyno Hub. Get it. Well, admittedly it took me a bit too. Partially because I knew where she was going with her little play and words and the guilt of not wanting the attention, not wanting to accept such a nice gift.

Now, here's where things are weird. I've absolutely wanted a dynamo hub for a LONG time. Why do I have such a hard time accepting one then? Because I feel guilty about accepting it. Meanwhile, I have to go to the jewelry store and pick up the gift that I bought for Anika. I'm worried that she won't like it, but have no reservations about buying it for her because I think it's pretty. Strange double standards that I don't understand about myself.

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