Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Birthday

"You say it's your birthday" Cue the Beatles White album, disc 2. There's a song to go with almost every thought. So, why did the Beatles follow up "Birthday" with "Yer Blues" which starts out:

"Yes I'm lonely
wanna die
yes I'm lonely
wanna die
if I aint dead already
girl you know the reason why"

Hmmmm.... Interesting.

Funny that I was reading my last post which was all about my hand surgery. Well, being my birthday again, I have no plans like last year. The hand is feeling really pretty good. I wouldn't say that I am 100%, but I do have really good range of motion and it doesn't hurt too much too often.

There's no going back to catch up on things. It's hard.

Part of my intention of doing this whole blog thing was to keep track of what it is that I do and record some of my thoughts. Who cares if you read it. I'm not sure I even know you.

I went out for a good bike ride on Saturday afternoon. It was what, December 9th, and it was above 40 degrees. We have no snow so conditions to ride were wonderful. I've gone and signed my name to a post card and mailed it in for the Trans Iowa V3. I've wanted to do it in the past, so why not? This will be good for me to have a goal.

I got out for about 45-50 miles on my Rivendell. Took the green one.

Hmmm... something strange just happened when I clicked on Publish Post and I lost everything else after the great photo of my bike? Strange. I was saying before I was so rudely cut off... Hmmm?

I was so enamorred with the ride of this bike. EVERY time that I ride this bike, I just smile. Wow, what an amazing machine!

So, I am out riding and the weather is really rather amazing for December. There's absolutely no snow to be found. It's been cold so the lakes are frozen enough to get people out ice fishing, skating, and on ice boats. Me, when it's 45 degrees outside and it's still this early in the year, I'd stick to the land-based activities.

So, I'm riding along and I find myself thinking about the TransIowa race. I've thought about entering before, but never have. I did muster up enough lack of sense to send in a post card this year. In fact, I was just reading Jeff Kerkove's blog and he has a photo of some of the post cards.

Fun stuff...

Mine is right there (the one from Brooks and L'Eroica 2005) in the photo! Sweet.

I find myself thinking about gravel roads and the horse trail that runs parallel to the Gateway and how I should be riding over on the rough stuff in the spring when I am training. I begin to think about that, then start counting backwards. The TI3 is in April! Wow, I am training. Well, not really, I am just enjoying the ride. And I am...enjoying the ride.

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