Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Observations about Collection

So, you might come to the thought that some people want to do things to impress other people. Particularly when it comes to bikes, some people like to show off as if to say "look what I have!"

For some reason, I worry that people might think that is what I do. Not sure if or why that should worry me. My bikes are for me... because I like 'em, that's it. I like bikes.

I worry a bit that by displaying or talking about what I have, it opens up the opportunity for some to take advantage of me. Someone over on the MORC recently had a theft where several of his high-end bikes were stolen. Now, MORC has a policy that members have to provide first and last names to be part of the forum. A policy that I don't disagree with. It adds a lot of ownership to what people say and makes the organization all that much more credible.

Somewhere though, the thought does cross my mind that by posting anything pertaining to what you own along with your name subjects you to a certain vulnerability. Then again, those that want to take advantage of you... well, they will. I should be more concerned about riding my bike through some of the neighborhoods that I do!

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