Friday, January 12, 2007

What's With Reflector Collector?

It rhymes... I like that.

Seriously though, I went out for a run around the block last night and was thinking about why I picked Reflector Collector and what about it. There was a night one summer when I was riding off road through the woods alone down at Lebanon
. It was peaceful, warm, and I was alone in the woods and in the dark with bright light on my bike. Well, there is nothing like being in that situation to bring out the reflections of all the reflectors that have been broken off peoples bikes. They're all over the place!

I tried counting. I thought about picking them up. If I picked them up, where would I put them? Would I collect them and become the "Reflector Collector?" Lap after lap, I'd notice more and more. Some just bits and pieces, but all catching and reflecting whites, reds, and orange. Mostly pedal reflectors, I'd imagine they are from more novice riders, striking pedals on rocks. I found the discovery interesting and entertaining and settled on leaving them to entertain others.

So, last night as I was running... I was thinking about Reflector Collector. It is what it is, but I could even tie more significance to it. In a bigger sense, for me being outside and running, or riding my bike gives me an opportunity to think like no other. Mind clearing opportunity to think and reflect on life. Hopefully, some of those thoughts and reflections I will collect.

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