Monday, January 15, 2007

Sunday Ride

Got out for a ride yesterday off-road before the snow hit. Conditions were phenomenal for mid January. Rode off-road on the old Trek fixed gear off-roader. There was still a lot of dirt in the wooded areas with just enough packed snow and ice in some of the dark corners to make having the Nokian Extremes nice to have. Only 12 degrees when I left and certainly not very motivated. It was a much needed outing, I really needed the mental recharge that only riding a bike offers for me. I was REALLY ornery...

Mix up a week of staying home with a sick 7 year old, a job that is not particularly interesting sometimes, and winter in Minnesota. For me, it's a recipe for being crabby.

I think the icing on the cake was the call from Rivendell on Friday though. Brian left me a message and I was excited to return his call to hear the news about my Quickbeam.

The post from the other day had been sent to Brian in hopes of adding a bit of levity to a situation I'd been growing impatient with. Impatience turned dissatisfaction.

I was going to try to get outside on Saturday and ride, but a variety of different factors contributed to me not doing so. I did get out for a run on Saturday evening, but that just wasn't the same. Yesterday's ride was enough to put me in great mood, enough to make me forget about the Quickbeam for a bit.

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