Thursday, March 22, 2007

14 Is the Magic Number

My fingers are flying this morning now that they have finally warmed up. Chalk off the half of an hour that I have spent trying to perform a brain dump this morning. I am swapping back and forth on a few things here anyhow.

This winter when riding to work, I began to notice now and then an empty booze bottle sticking out of the snow bank along one little corner of the frontage road. Now that the snowbanks are gone and the grass is short, things tend to stick out more. So, this morning I counted...

There's the less than 1/2 mile of road. One corner, only on the north side of the road. 14 empty bottles. I was riding too fast to read all the labels, but most appeared to be Smirnoff. All pint bottles. All apparently tossed out the window or to the ground while traveling West. Wow.

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