Monday, March 26, 2007

Post Weekend Update

Thursday was a nice long ride home. Took my time, added in a few extra miles fully expecting not to ride to work on Friday. Friday I drove figuring that I would do a long ride on Saturday.

Saturday I was up at 5, out the door just before 6am. Foggy, dark, 45 degrees. Glad to have had the Schmidt hub and light as I needed it for most of the first hour plus. Did a nice long ride up to Osceola, WI and back. Basically, this was my route:

I added in a couple of extra miles here and there based on the roads. I should have taken better notes of where I went. I did have a map with, which was handy. By the time that I got home, I was tired. Nervously optimistic for the TransIowa ride.

Sunday went for a ride with Anika and Alison on the Trail-A-Bike. I mounted the Trail-A-Bike to the Quickbeam. Not a great combination for tooling around town, not after Saturday's ride. All was good, we did an 18 mile ride over to the UofM, the Stonearch Bridge, and home. I installed a computer on Anika's bike. I was amazed at the number of miles. Sometimes they add up faster than we think.

Rode to work on Monday and again today. I hope to do a ride in White Bear lake tonight. We'll see how my legs feel on the way home.

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