Monday, March 19, 2007

Something Funny This Morning

Up again late, feeling ill. Drove the car. Blustery, not motivated, justifying my laziness all the way to work. Gas was down to $2.39 this morning at my local Holiday, the tank was less than the 50% mark so I stopped for gas.

Now, normally stopping for gas doesn't offer much entertainment value. But this morning was a notable exception. Walking out through the door was one VERY large woman talking on her cell phone very loudly carrying one approximately 1 Liter Mountain Dew. (I believe that is the current exceptionally large measurement being used, it's been a long time since I've actually looked at soda being hocked on the convenience store shelves.) I suspect that it was the fully-leaded variety as the label was dark green, and I believe the Diet variety usually carries more white... But, I could be wrong. In her bag appeared to be a heavy selection of bakery goods.

Okay, got the visual image? (Queue the audio portion now)

"Guess WHaaatt..." excited "yeah, I got the results back from the doctor."

(Interest piqued, maybe she's expecting and this was an early morning food craving?)

"I got diabetes...." pause "yeah, really..." (laughing)

That was the extent of the conversation that I heard before she squeezed herself into the car and drove off. It seemed notable to me this morning only because the glee in her voice as she spoke, as if she just earned a frickin' merit badge for health or something. Wow... Not sure that I would celebrate the moment with a trip to Holiday for breakfast. Wow.

Sometimes, I see things that just make me think and I wanted to make a note.

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