Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back In The Saddle

Well, after my adventure for last week, I feel a bit demoralized. I had high hopes for high-mileage blissful riding. Instead, with temperatures hovering below 20 degrees, I disassembled my Quickbeam and packed it in the back of Jim's Honda Accord for a car ride home.

I wasn't prepared clothing wise, nor mentally for a ride home in sub-freezing temperatures. The week of work at my customer's site was longer and less rest-filled than I would have hoped. The weather was just the icing on the cake. Easter weekend, though recuperative and restful didn't amount to ANYTHING mileage-wise.

Last night I finally finished putting the Quickbeam back together and today I was back in the saddle for my commute to work. Although skeptical of wanting to ride in the 20's again, it wasn't bad once I got out on the road. I can do this...

Hoping that the weather will take a turn for the warmer side. I'd really like to have a good long ride under my belt before Trans Iowa. Just over two weeks to go and I am filled with self-doubt.

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