Monday, April 23, 2007

Out of Whack

So, it's not the worst thing in the world, but in my mental preparations and "planning" for the upcoming TransIowa ride this weekend, I did not even consider getting sick. I never even gave the idea that I wouldn't feel great any thought. I mean, I worry about having not trained and ridden enough, I've thought about bicycle choice, equipment, weather, shorts, saddle, food... but not my health.

My wife Anika has been fighting off a cold for what seems like about a week now. Yesterday I began feeling that ever-present back of the throat dryness. The middle of the night last night, I woke up sweating and couldn't breath. My sinuses are plugged. I got tired and out of breath going down the stairs. I drove the car to work on a morning when the temperature is 52 out this morning. On the plus-side, I did use the opportunity to bring a load of groceries into work to re-supply my food cache.

No riding this weekend either. There were lots of family things going on. Anika volunteered at school almost all day on Saturday. I took care of a number of domestic duties around the house and yard including raking. I like having a big yard, but sometimes taking care of a 1/2 acre is a big job. Yesterday we celebrated my daughter Kayla's birthday. 10 years old! Wow, I have a 10 year old! I don't write much about the satisfactions of being a parent. I stick to the things that I kind of understand... bikes. But, being a parent is even more rewarding sometimes and a LOT more difficult.

What does a 10 year old want to do for her birthday? That's right... go to the mall. I should have known better last night when we did go to the Mall of America that I was sick. A sure sign that something was out of whack was the fact that I tolerated being there. I don't belong at the mall. Two hours of going on rides at "The Park" was just okaythough... it wasn't very busy and what else does one do on a rainy evening? The only thing that the mall is good for really in my mind is people-watching.

I will ride tomorrow, just to move the legs. I know that I will still participate and I WILL finish the TransIowa. It's just a much larger mental challenge in a way I think. I know that being on the bike, pedaling will actually do wonders for clearing the sinuses. I learned that back when I lived in Iowa as a youth. I actually think that is where some of my fondness for riding comes from. Suffering from "hay-fever" and allergies, I learned that while I was riding my bike, I could breath. And, if my nose ever did stuff up the least, I mastered the "farmer-blow." Sometimes, I'd just go for a ride to let my head clear.

So, tomorrow, I will mount the bike and ride to work again. To clear the head, to move some blood around and hopefully feel a bit better. I only have tomorrow and Wednesday that I can ride. I have to be at a client's site on Thursday. I'm sure the week will be busy, I have a lot of preparations to make and stuff to get together for Friday when I am taking off to head down to Iowa for the little ride.

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