Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Event Recap

Took the LONG ride into work. 40 mile route. Took the not-quite-as-long route home for another 25. Got home and trimmed and mowed the grass.

More landscaping adventures. Moved 3 large rose bushes that we just were not happy with. Went to Linders and purchased some additional peonies, a sand cherry, and some annuals. Got the new bushes planted. Anika went on a solo bike ride. I did some more work around outside pulling weeds, and general grounds keeping.

As a rare exception to our normal dining, we went out for dinner and made plans to run some errands. Last week was busy and our cupboards were growing a little spartan. With a busy week, there wasn't really time for a trip to the grocery store, and being Memorial Day weekend, neither of us wanted to battle the grocery store on weekend time. So, we had dinner at a local place in Saint Paul called Bascalis. Anika and I love their calzones, the kids had spaghetti.

Ran up to Sports Authority to look for a new helmet for Anika and Kayla. Now, I would have liked to have stopped at the local bike shop, but it goes like this:
  • Neither of us can really stand the display or merchandising at the local shop County Cycles (where I used to work.) Finding things and shopping is a frustrating experience.
  • We thought about stopping at Erik's.
  • It being post dinner time (by the time we were going to go to the store) both Eriks and County Cycles were closed.
  • My free advice to the small business person: I know the hours suck, but one of the best ways to get your customer's money is to be open when people shop. (Evenings and weekends.)

So, at Sports Authority, we looked at the cost of Heelys for Alison (since that is what a 7 year old wants to save her money for.) We picked up a new helmet for Kayla and one for Anika. Some new shorts for the kids, and a basketball hoop.

The basketball hoop set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Kid #1 has expressed interest in playing basketball for some time. Anika and I have looked at hoops, but didn't really want the portable kind, didn't want anything mounted on the house.

So, we picked up the basket ball hoop and continued our errands with a trip to Menards for some concrete. Concrete required handles for my ailing wheelbarrow. Long and short of it, I could not find the part for my existing wheelbarrow that I needed, which meant that I purchased a whole new wheelbarrow.

Home again, by now 9pm.

Up at 7am, made coffee, assembled wheelbarrow. Made breakfast for everyone, cleaned up kitchen. Dug hole for basketball hoop. 18 inches in diameter, about 3 feet deep. Reading the instructions from the basketball hoop, found that we needed a chunk of 3 foot rebar and more concrete than the 480 pounds we had already picked up. Another trip to Menards for rebar, concrete, and more bedding plants.

Mixed up a whole lot of concrete and set the section of pole for the BB hoop. Dug another hole in the back yard to place the clothes line, mixed up more concrete, set base for clothes line.

I then reset lots of rocks that I have been using for edging between landscape and grass. I had finally grown tired of the top surface having not been level. Dig one in, raise the next up, etc. Pulled a bunch more weeds, tended to some plants here, and there.

Stayed up late with the kids watching Casino Royale with Anika and the kids. I know, I know, not exactly a kid friendly movie... well, at all. But, we sent them on their way a couple of times while we previewed what was happening and filled them in on the story line. I was impressed and really enjoyed the movie. I was impressed with the kids and their keen interest in good guys and bad guys and the details of the story. Again, not a kid movie, but we all enjoyed it.

Up at 6:30. Woke Anika up and we went for a bike ride up and down river road. Made breakfast. Assembled the rest of the basketball hoop. Wandered aimlessly about wondering what else to work on. Pulled more weeds from landscape. Worked on Quickbeam a bit to get ready for commute.

This Morning:
Back on the bike for a regular commute to work. It felt quick as I was here in just over an hour. Must have had a bit of a tail wind. Heavy humid air with some drops of rain. Not enough to really wet the pavement and certainly scattered. Felt good. Work sucks.

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