Monday, May 14, 2007

Mondane Morning

A great weekend, despite very little riding. It feels good to have the TransIowa under my belt. For most of the year, I have felt like I have had to get out and ride on both Saturday and Sunday. Now, I can feel like I get to ride when I want to ride. This weekend, I was feeling run-down and tired. I'm pretty convinced that it has a lot to do with alergies... for the life of me, I cannot get my nose to stop dripping. (To Much Information, I know.)

Saturday morning, I went down to Lebanon Hills to do some trail maintenance with MORC. We did the initial clearing for some new trail. I really like trail maintenance... almost as much as riding it. Though, when it comes to riding the trail, I get an extra sense of satisfaction from riding over something that I helped create. It reminds me of years as a mis-spent youth taking over vacant lots and constructing BMX trails. Or, when we would make trails through the woods. Only, now it's legit.

I did not bring a bike with to ride the trails when I was done working. I somewhat wish that I had, but I didn't want to be gone all day. As it was, we didn't finish up trail work until around 11:30. I picked up a new bike frame for Anika (more on that later.) I also dropped off my old Trek 520 at Bob Brown's for repair. Saturday afternoon I went swimming with the kids since the weather was absolutely stunning.

Sunday was Mother's Day and I know as a dad, I don't do enough to celebrate the contributions of Anika. Sorry 'bout that honey... I don't know what to do for you because you are always a step ahead of me. Maybe I am just a crappy husband? We did go out for dinner and had a quiet evening at home. Very exciting... I know.

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