Monday, May 14, 2007

First Time in a Long Time

Today, I had a dental appointment. It's a haul to my dentist's office down in Bloomington, so I worked from home this morning, drove down to the dentist, and took my mountain bike with me so that I could stop after my appointment and ride off-road for a bit.

Wow, I haven't ridden off-road since this winter and in my opinion, off-road in the winter time is a TOTALLY different sport. So, today I was on actual dirt. What a treat! I really enjoy riding off-road. I wish that I had more time, but I really have a lot of work to get taken care of today. So I only managed one lap before I felt compelled to get home.

I rode my Phil Wood/IF PISSOFF. That was a treat too since it's been a LONG time since I have ridden this bike. I spent most of last summer on the road since my hand was out of commission. Prior to that and even what little I did ride last year off-road was all on the fixed gear. I enjoy riding fixed off-road A LOT, but I really enjoy the fit of my Phil Wood. What to do? That is right, I will have to convert it over to fixed... Now, just to sell some stuff so that I can afford to but a rigid fork for it and build up a different rear wheel.

I really wish that there were somewhere to ride a mountain bike off-road where I didn't have to load it up in the car and drive to the trail. Someday?


A Midnight Rider said...

The irony of mountain biking. 8>)

My son who lives in Colorado often drive two hours or more to go mountain biking.

That's why man made road and hybrid, I suppose.

Reflector Collector said...

Blasphemy! Gasp... did you say Hybrid? Cough, a bike good for nothing, acceptable at best for much. Ideally, I'm working toward getting access to land near where I live to help construct a neighborhood trail.

We are fortunate to have some awesome off-road dirt trails in the metro. Most are too far to ride a singlespeed mountain bike to and I refuse to put gears on an off-road bike.

Someday, I will build a trailer for a regular road bike to allow me to easily haul another bike.

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