Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Peaceful Evening At Home

Last night was a busy night. Brats on the grill for dinner, my brother finally picked up a wheel I built for him, off to dance class for my youngest, to the Coffee Grounds for an ice cream treat for both girls, down to the Como neighborhood to pick up some bike parts that I arranged to buy on Craigslist, home, bike ride around the block with the girls, shower night, did some reading with Alison and tucked the girls in for bed. Anika was off to PTA at the school for the evening and out to be social. It might not sound like a lot, but it is.

My wife and I make a good team. One of us will pick up where the other leaves off. For our relationship, I give thanks every day. We might not share the same interests, but somehow it all just works.

I was in to Hiawatha Cyclery back in March to pick up a bike part that I needed. Jim told me how my brother Steve had a rim there and spokes for a bike wheel project. I paid for the parts and picked them up. Steve had planned on spending some time with me so that I could teach him how to build a wheel. He didn't have time and at the time I had plenty of other wheels to build, so I just built his too. I thought that he wanted it right away, but as it turns out... He didn't pick it up until last night.

I found a listing on Craigslist for a set of chainrings for $25. Really nice 110mm bolt circle diameter, silver, and in sizes that I will actually use. I'm pleased when I find parts that I can use some day.

When we got home from having picked them up, I went for a ride around the block with the girls. Alison pedaled away with her little 20" wheels and Kayla on her big bike. I rode the Hawthorne that I wrote about yesterday.

While we were in dance class, it must have rained pretty hard. Everything was wet, the air was heavy. It was quiet and foggy outside. It was pretty cool to ride around the long block with the kids. Here's the route: http://www.routeslip.com/routes/37989

I know, not much... but it's an opportunity with the girls ages 7 and 10 to talk about how to cross the street, how to pass one another safely, how to ride. It's fun and an opportunity to look around the neighborhood.

Once we finished up the ride, I helped Alison take a shower and get cleaned up. We then rested together so that she could read to me for a bit. She's struggling with reading a bit. Very smart kid, just not a good reader. We'll get there... Anika and I will just keep working on it.

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