Monday, May 07, 2007

Defining Temporary

I wrote a while back about the pile of bikes that I had accumulated in the back yard and tried to carefully cover with a tarp for temporary storage. Well, define temporary? My most wonderful spouse has been on my case for a couple of years wanting me to clean things up.

I uncovered everything and moved it to the garage. I suppose the whole strategy was an effective one to actually DO something with the pile. Since it moved to the garage, it caused me enough grief to have finally had to do something. Saturday, I started actually dealing with bikes from the garage.

I took off junk parts and disassembled different bikes so that they could be stored up above the garage for another day. Who knows if the day when I might want to work on them will ever come. I hope that someday I can either find the time and/or money to make some of them into complete bikes again. I really should have gotten some photos as I tucked things away so that I know what is up there. Right now, the hooks in the garage are full enough.

I kept down the way cool Schwinn 2-Speed kickback and my new acquisition from this winter. This new ride is one that I kept down with plans to actually ride. I patched the rear tube, put some air in the tires, dropped some oil in the New Departure rear hub and it's ridable.

With the exception of the rear tire, it appears to be all original and in good condition. I'm most certainly NOT A COLLECTOR. I plan on just riding it. The front tire is a Wards Riverside. (Made in USA! Wow.)

Now watch, some person with much more intricate knowledge than I have (which wouldn't be hard) will read what I am posting and say "don't ride that bike. You know what that tire is worth?" Well, feel free to let me know. I don't really care to do the research, I never figured that there is much joy in owning things just for the sake of owning them. I'm the kind of kid that took all of his toys out of the package and played with them.

Beep beep!

There are a couple of other shots in the Picasa gallery. I haven't made the trip to the store to pick up a new lantern battery yet. Within the tank is an old 6 volt lantern batter that appears to power the horn and light. Everything looks dry and relatively rust-free, so I assume that it works. I am somewhat excited to try it.

Overall condition of this bike is much nicer than some of my other old relics. The fenders and metal (though scratched and with some rust) is in really good condition. It looks like the front fender had been drilled for what I suspect is a reflector like the rear fender.

At any rate, I kept this one down because I can ride it around. In fact, I am going to ride it to the liquor store in an hour or so to pick up a case of beer. I guess I need a basket!

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Pete said...

That's a sweet bike, and looks fun to ride!

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