Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spring Bike Safety Day

Anika was really looking forward to riding to school with the kids on Friday, May 18th with Alison and Kayla for Bike Safety Day. She figured that since it was bicycle safety day that there must be some special exception to the rules and the kids to ride to school.

Well.. this little note came home:

I like the last paragraph that reads:
"Please note: District policy is that no student, even those
accompanied by a parent, may ride her/his bike to school. Please
transport your child's bike in your car or walk it to school."

I've written before about my frustration with our local elementary school not allowing kids to ride their bikes to school. Wow, I guess bicycle safety begins with transporting the bike by car to a destination where it can be ridden.

I wonder just where someone would have to get off the bike to constitute walking it to school?


Pete said...

That's about the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

this verdant country said...

Perhaps this is a prime opportunity to teach your children about the virtues of civil disobedience.

Gordy said...

It is strange how different one community is from another. My children went to grade school in Lino Lakes (name is Rice Lake E.)all of 10 miles north of you. In the 90s all the kids that did not ride a bus were encouraged to ride their bicycles. All my children did. They learned how to keep track of their keys and so forth. There was a chain link fence around the school and they locked their bikes there as they couldn't possibly afford enough racks to hold them all. It was wonderful. And they weren't Nazi's about helmets, but again encouraging.

Sadly, none of them yet have taken up bicycling like their father. Sigh.

midway cyclist said...

That's ridiculous. I should ask at my daughter's school for their policy. They do have a small, crappy bike rack there, but i think we're the only people who use it. She's too young to ride now, but i'm hoping to start in a couple of years.

cyclofiend said...

(Full on spit take.)

That's flippin' insane.

Whatizzit, sponsored by Yakima/Saris/RhodeGear racks?

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