Tuesday, May 15, 2007

3rd Annual Duluth Ride

It'll be here right around the corner so I figure that I had better begin making plans again. The summer calendar is filling up, FAST. I think that the next big bicycling related adventure on the calendar will be the 3rd Annual Duluth ride. I find myself wondering if I should talk to the guys at the shop and see if we want to open this up to anyone willing to participate. I would think that the more-the merrier.

I suspect that the agenda will be about the same as in previous years, though if there are too many people interested in going, the pre-ride dinner will need to be relocated. Traditionally, we have hosted a pre-departure food-fest at our house around 4-5pm on July 3rd. Depart around 6pm and head north for the overnight ride to Duluth and back in time for fireworks at the park. Last year was 310 miles and we were back around 7:30pm I believe.

So, I think the event is back on the calendar again for this year. I know the crew at the shop is planning on it. I have done the last two versions fixed gear. I will have to consider what I might ride this year. Hmmn.... something to keep motivated for. If you have interest in participating, post a comment, I will keep you updated.


this verdant country said...

Maybe this is the year for a unicycle.

Reflector Collector said...

Yeah... I would do that, I just don't want to blow the almost $2k on a Schlumpf 29 inch Geared Unicycle! But, that'd be cool.

If I do spring for a new unicycle (mine is in REALLY bad condition) I would get a Mountain Uni!

midway cyclist said...

Autumn is planning on riding this year. I'll probably give it a go next year. I'm saving up my overnight riding time for Afton.

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