Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Did It

It's been an absolutely CRAZY few weeks as evidenced by the infrequency of posting. I haven't been keeping up with the things that I like to do because I have been too busy thinking about what to do in life.

There've been a number of occasions where Anika and I have sat on the couch together and stared at one another wondering what to do. Who should get a job? What should we do? There have been more questions than answers.

Through it all, I can say that I have tried to maintain Faith. Belief that everything will come together for the best. Sometimes, it's easy to truly lose sight of that belief and see nothing but the turmoil that sometimes comprises life.

I think the worst part of my life over the course of the last couple of weeks has been my complete lack of patience. I've spent so many hours, used up so much energy trying to talk myself into trying to maintain some positive attitude about all that has happened at work and the impacts at home that I've just lost it a few times. I've had no patience with the kids. I've been a complete ASS to deal with I am sure.

But, the call came on Monday afternoon. I was hoping that it would and relieved that it did. I got a new job offer. Something that I'm excited about. Really, I have no idea about what exactly I will be doing... but I know that I will be good at it. I landed a job working with Buffalo Wild Wings working at their corporate office as a programmer analyst. Like I said, I don't know EXACTLY what I will do, but I know that I can figure it out, I know that I can be good at it. (Finally, I am feeling some self-confidence.)

I gave notice on Tuesday fully expecting that I would be escorted to the door shortly there after. But, in the first "smart" thing that my company has done, they've allowed me to continue working my final days trying to wrap up loose ends. So, yesterday and today I have spent more time talking to people about the fact that I am leaving than actually doing anything productive. I'm not sure that I am being of much benefit, but I am trying. I do still care about my co-workers that will be left behind without me to help them. I feel bad for our customers. But, I am happy to be leaving. Happy beyond what I can really express. I did it, I got a new job!

Much more to come to share about the experience of starting something new after doing basically the same thing for 10 years. This will be good I am sure.


KM said...

Congrats and good luck.

whitehonda said...

Congratulations, you made the right move. You will be missed. You will leave a hole as big as the hole left by JME.

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