Thursday, June 21, 2007

Small Mistake

It's always the small detail that catches up with a person in the end. I was up too late and couldn't sleep. One of those nights when staring at the clock and it reads 2:00AM and the thoughts start going through my head about simply just getting up and going to work.

There was a time when I would do that. When so excited about working on solving a problem or feeling so intensely passionate about something so nerdy, so dorky, or of coming up with some clever solution, I'd pull an all-nighter. Sometimes I would get up and simply work quietly at the desk at home, other times I'd take one of those rare and oh-so-enjoyable treks across town in the darkness on my bike to come into the office.

I'd do it because there was a sense that someone cared. Somewhere there was a customer, or my boss, or the "company" would care that I put in the extra effort. But, the charm has certainly warn off.

I did eventually drift off to sleep, but awoke somewhere around 4:15AM this morning. I got out of bed, showered, dressed and took my bike ride to work today. So many things thoughts seemed clear this morning. The ride was a delight.

But, then I remembered something. I remembered that sometime yesterday, I answered a question for our client list-server. I dump the emails from the list-server to my gmail account because trying to find anything using Microsoft Outlook using their "search" tool is a painful process at best. So, I comb through the list-server emails on my gmail account now and then to keep a finger on our equally malcontent customers.

Last night, I answered someones question. Not from work, but just because I felt like sharing a solution to someone's problem. I know the answers, have a bazillion clever solutions... Yesterday, I simply wanted to share the answer, so I did answer a question for a customer... On my own time, from home... through my gmail account. The only thing that I forgot to do is remove the footer with the link to my personal Blog.

So, that one little slip, that one little detail will lead anyone work related with the click of a mouse here to my personal information. It's these small slip-ups that usually leads investigators to the criminals. I'm honest to a fault and no criminal. In fact, I've often thought it would be fun to be an investigator or detective. To look for the clues... I'd be good at that.

Yesterday the mistake was mine and I'm somewhat paranoid now. Instead... of worrying though, I guess I should say "welcome to my blog."

So, these are the thoughts that went through my head as I pedaled my bike across town to arrive here at my desk. I like the idea of having a blog, but sometimes wish it were a little more anonymous. If it were, I'd share more honest thoughts. Hopefully soon, though cautiously optimistic...I'll really be able to share some honest thoughts on my experience working for my current employer ;)

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this verdant country said...

You'd be surprised what you can get away with writing on a blog.

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